About your fearless blogger

Hello and thanks for coming to my blog. For people who are unfamiliar with blogs, they are basically an online diary where people reveal their passionate views whether you want to hear them or not. I hope that whomever discovers this site will find it lively, entertaining and off course provocative. In real life, I am a freelance journalist who mostly writes about business and politics. My work has appeared on America Online’s BloggingStocks site, The Philadelphia Inquirer, New York Times and BusinessWeek. You can check out my resume here. I am always in the market for interesting freelance writing assignments. You can e-mail me at jdberr@gmail.com with any comments good or bad about my blog or any of my articles.


One response to “About your fearless blogger

  1. Barbara Berr

    Hi Jon,
    Ketchup and Eggs is fun and interesting to read, and yes provacative. There are two typos in About your fearless blogger in the last sentence..1, you can e-mail me at not a and good or bad about my blog on not or any of my articles…and in Leave a Reply I think on the right it should say e-mail not mail.
    I was looking for an article mentioning how well Hillary answered the last question in Austin. She did get a standing ovation! It showed how well she does when she allows her personal side show and it shows with great passion.

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