David Cook will win “American Idol”

David Cook has got the smug attitude of a rock star, the purposely messed-up hair style of a rock star and the overpriced wardrobe of a rock star.  After tonight’s “American Idol”, odds are good that he will be able to live out his rock-n-roll fantasy.

Cook outperformed his rivals David Archuletta and Syesha Mercado.  He even made Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” memorable. I had expected the other David to win, but he has sputtered over the past few weeks.

I wonder if the producers were trying to get rid of Archuletta and his allegedly pushy father by making him sing a song Dan Fogelberg.  Does anyone under the age of 50 listen to Fogelberg? Why is the 17-year-old so eager to be an easy listening superstar?

Mercado forgot that she was in a pop music competition when she picked Peggy Lee’s 1958 classic “Fever.” Worse, she vamped it up like a drag queen complete with a chair prop. She should stick with Broadway.

Next week will be the battle of the Davids. Unfortunately for Archuletta, this fight between a boy and man will not be close.



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