Brooke White leaves “American Idol”; Jason Castro survives

Brooke White, the most consistent of any of the “American Idol” contestants, got booted from the show tonight and Jason Castro survived. It’s official: there is no God.

I liked White though her version of “I am a Believer” was painful to watch. Week after week, she managed to make even the crustiest of pop standards as the judges say “her own.” The problem — if you can call it that — was that she was too nice. I believe that her niceness isn’t an act. Then again, Rosie O’Donnell convinced millions of viewers that she wasn’t off her rocker, so anything is possible.

White, though, was almost too sweet. She makes Marie Osmond seem like a gangsta raper. I wrongly thought that America would eat up her girl next door looks up with a spoon. Maybe people want their Idols with a harder edge — make that any edge. David Archuleta, who is almost as nice, should be nervous.

I am not going to cry for White. By the time she wipes the tears off her face from her farewell performance. a throng of agents will standing by with hankies. She will be a huge star.



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3 responses to “Brooke White leaves “American Idol”; Jason Castro survives

  1. I respectfully disagree about Brooke. Brooke was cute and sweet and sincere–or it was all an act, but either way she really doesn’t have a voice that was distinctive or current. Also, she is so uncomfortable as a performer *except* from behind the piano.

  2. emjay217

    I would have to agree with Doc Think. Brooke wasn’t ready for this platform. She did however release an album before Idol “Songs from the Attic” or something like that. She will get a record deal and will sound better with her folksy Colbie Caillat-esque album.

  3. kjl

    I have to agree with the other comments and not with you…she wasn’t consistent at all. She had some good performances, and she has a unique sound, but she doesn’t have a great voice. I like her personally, but I think she should have been voted off weeks ago.

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