What the hell happened on “American Idol?”

Let me get this straight. Carly Smithson did a helluva good job singing “Jesus Christ Superstar” and gets booted from “American Idol.” Meanwhile, Jason Castro butchers “Memory” and remains on the show. There is no justice in the world.

It’s a shame that Smithson is gone. I liked her voice. I liked her charming Irish accent. I even got to tolerate her tattooed arms and her freak of a husband. But its not surprising that she didn’t become the next Idol. Even though the show’s stylists softened her look, Smithson isn’t the sweet girl next door. She is the girl who looks like she can drink most people under the table.

Eventually, Smithson will thank the show’s voters for showing her the door. Most almost Idols seem to have better careers than the people who win the contest. I guess it’s because the expectations of them aren’t as great.



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2 responses to “What the hell happened on “American Idol?”

  1. Yes, the bottom two were horrendous tonight. Jason and Brooke should have been down there. I am going to miss her.

  2. I was shocked that Carly was voted off. She gave a much better performance than Brooke and Justin and her voice is the best of all of the female contestants.

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