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Jason Castro leaves American Idol restoring my faith in humanity

Finally, Jason Castro has been sent packing from “American Idol.” What took America so long to realize that this dreadlocked stoner was not very talented?

Castro looks like a guy who entered the contest on a lark and was shocked that he made it to Hollywood. Week after week he smiled, flipped his dreadlocks and giggled like a school girl.  He also proved that he was not much of a singer.

One or two of his performances — like playing the ukulele on “Somewhere Over the Rainbow — were cute. They were hardly the stuff of pop superstardom.  Carly Smithson, Brooke White, Chickezie, Amanda Overmyer and yes even Michael Johns were far more deserving of Castro’s spot in the final four.

David Cook seems to be the front-runner now. He is the closest thing to a pop star. David Archuletta’s earnestness is getting a bit too much to take.  The 17-year-old makes TV’s Beaver Cleaver seem like a bad ass. Syesha Mercado has a nice voice, but as I said before she seems more of a Broadway star than a pop star.

You have to wonder what the producers are going to do next season to boost the show’s lagging ratings. Remember “Celebrity Apprentice?” How about “Celebrity Idol?” The thought sends shivers down my spine.


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Mariah Carey and “American Idol?” Why?

When I saw it was Mariah Carey night on “American Idol”, I wondered whether the producers wanted to purposely drive away viewers. Do people really want to hear power ballad after power ballad? I felt like I was at a high school dance.

The cream is rising to the top.  David Archuleta is still the man to beat. He was great again last night, but Jason Castro is emerging as a dark horse albeit a goofy one with dreadlocks. David Cook, the one who cribs his arrangements, did a decent job tonight too. Unlike everyone else, I wasn’t surprised that Michael Johns got booted. He was coasting on his good looks and Australian accent for weeks.

Carly Smithson remains vulnerable. America isn’t going to put up with her tattooed arm or her husband’s tattooed face. Brooke White’s wholesomeness isn’t starting to wear thin. I’m starting to wonder whether the girl ever farts. Syesha Mercado may also be in the bottom three since she keeps picking big songs and just can’t deliver them.

The results show should be good.

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Michael Johns never lived up to his potential

When I first saw Michael Johns, I thought I was looking at the next American Idol.

He had charisma, charm and an Australian accent that turns women including my wife weak in the knees.  Week after week,though, Johns gave performances that were lacking any connection with the audience. He turned into a boring pretty boy with nothing to say.

There are tens of thousands of guys like Johns in bar bands across America. They spend their lives toiling in obscurity, hoping for a shot half as good as the one given to the Aussie heartthrob. He blew his chances in a big way. In 2010, Johns will be opening up for Taylor Hicks on the Idol has-been tour.

His departure on tonight’s show was deserved.

Jason Castro is now a marked man.


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Carly Smithson outshines Brooke White but David Archuleta beats them both on “American Idol”

Randy Jackson was right and Simon Cowell was dead wrong about Carly Smithson. Her version of “Here I go again” on tonight’s “American Idol” was stupendous, even better than my favorite Brooke White’s performance of “Jolene.” David Archuleta, though, hit the ball out of the park with “Smoky Mountain Memories”, securing his place as a likely finalist in the competition.

White has the edge over Smithson and the talented Syesha Mercado. She has been the most consistent of any Idol finalist. Plus, White oozes wholesomeness from every pore of her body. Mercado is White’s most serious competition. I don’t think America is ready for a tattooed babe from Ireland to be the next Idol.

I found it interesting that Ryan Seacrest asked David Cook about the “inspiration” for his arrangements. Could it be that Idol producers were tired of the drubbing they were getting in the blogosphere over these copycat performances? Anway, his performance of what he said was his own arrangement was pretty good. Michael Johns wasn’t bad either. Archuleta, though, remains the one to beat,

If voters are serious, they need to finally send Kristy Lee Cook, Ramiele Maluby and Jason Castro packing.

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Chikezie Ezie gets booted off “American Idol”

America made the right call tonight in bouncing Chikezie from “American Idol.”

He was among the weaker competitors and lacked the charisma to be the next Idol.  Jason Castro should count his lucky dreads that it wasn’t him being sent home.  I am surprised that Ramiele Malubay has managed to hang on even though her performances have been mediocre at best. Kristy Lee Cook is another weak competitor, but she also is a hot blond which is helping her remain an Idol longer than she would have otherwise.

Brooke White remains the one to beat. I lost a lot of respect for David Cook after it was revealed that he has been copying  his arrangements.  Michael Johns and David Archuleta will likely be the the finalist for the men.


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Brooke White’s yet again steals show on “American Idol.”

If stealing a show were a crime, Brooke White would have been hauled off the “American Idol” stage in handcuffs long ago. Her performance of “Every Breath You Take” was the best on tonight’s show. She is my choice to win the competition.

David Archuleta, Michael Johns, Carly Smithson and Syesha Mercado may pull off an upset. Jason Castro, Ramielle Malubay, and Chikezie should be voted off. Kristy Lee Cook should have been voted off weeks ago. Amanda Overmyer was far more deserving. I can take or leave David Cook.

Tonight, though, Cook gave a stunning performance of “Billy Jean.” He can give White a serious run for her money.

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“American Idol” voters fans oust David Hernandez — good call

American Idols viewers again made the right call, booting one-time nude dancer David Hernandez during tonight’s show.

Hernandez’s performance during the Beatles theme show was lackluster. At best, he was a mediocre contestant. Kristy Lee Cook, however, was lucky that the ghosts of John Lennon and George Harrison won’t haunt her for the rest of her days after her disastrous performance. She remains the most vulnerable of any of the women.

Michael Johns had better step up his game. His last few performances have been dull. If Johns didn’t have the Aussie accent that women find sexy, he would have been booted off long ago. Jason Castro, Amanda Overmyer, Ramiele Maulbay and Chikezie are also vulnerable.

My pick for the final two remains David Archuleta and Brooke White. White is my pick for the winner. Carly Smithson and David Cook. though, still have the potential to pull out a victory.

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