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Jason Castro leaves American Idol restoring my faith in humanity

Finally, Jason Castro has been sent packing from “American Idol.” What took America so long to realize that this dreadlocked stoner was not very talented?

Castro looks like a guy who entered the contest on a lark and was shocked that he made it to Hollywood. Week after week he smiled, flipped his dreadlocks and giggled like a school girl.  He also proved that he was not much of a singer.

One or two of his performances — like playing the ukulele on “Somewhere Over the Rainbow — were cute. They were hardly the stuff of pop superstardom.  Carly Smithson, Brooke White, Chickezie, Amanda Overmyer and yes even Michael Johns were far more deserving of Castro’s spot in the final four.

David Cook seems to be the front-runner now. He is the closest thing to a pop star. David Archuletta’s earnestness is getting a bit too much to take.  The 17-year-old makes TV’s Beaver Cleaver seem like a bad ass. Syesha Mercado has a nice voice, but as I said before she seems more of a Broadway star than a pop star.

You have to wonder what the producers are going to do next season to boost the show’s lagging ratings. Remember “Celebrity Apprentice?” How about “Celebrity Idol?” The thought sends shivers down my spine.


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Brooke White leaves “American Idol”; Jason Castro survives

Brooke White, the most consistent of any of the “American Idol” contestants, got booted from the show tonight and Jason Castro survived. It’s official: there is no God.

I liked White though her version of “I am a Believer” was painful to watch. Week after week, she managed to make even the crustiest of pop standards as the judges say “her own.” The problem — if you can call it that — was that she was too nice. I believe that her niceness isn’t an act. Then again, Rosie O’Donnell convinced millions of viewers that she wasn’t off her rocker, so anything is possible.

White, though, was almost too sweet. She makes Marie Osmond seem like a gangsta raper. I wrongly thought that America would eat up her girl next door looks up with a spoon. Maybe people want their Idols with a harder edge — make that any edge. David Archuleta, who is almost as nice, should be nervous.

I am not going to cry for White. By the time she wipes the tears off her face from her farewell performance. a throng of agents will standing by with hankies. She will be a huge star.


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Jason Castro must go now from “American Idol”

When are “American Idol”voters going to wake up, smell the coffee and get rid of the marginally talented Jason Castro?

Sometimes Castro is charming. More often than not, though, his dreadlocks seem to be wound too tight. He has turned in some godawful performances such as tonight’s butchering of the Neil Diamond classic “Sweet Caroline.” For the past few weeks, Castro has performed with the grace of a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming pick-up trucks.

My pick to win the show David Archuleta has floundered of late as well. Maybe the pressure is getting too much for the 17-year-old to handle.   Brooke White, my second-favorite contestant, has been uneven as well.  America’s girl next door has been acting goofy at times though I enjoyed her performances of “Love on the Rocks” and “Play Me.”

David Cook continues to successfully sing other people’s arrangements. Syesha Mercado seems more at home on the Broadway stage than the the pop charts. She may wind up in the bottom three along with Castro and White.

By the way, what was Paula Abdul smoking when she criticized someone for singing a song that hadn’t been sung yet?  I guess it’s surprising when she is coherent.

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What the hell happened on “American Idol?”

Let me get this straight. Carly Smithson did a helluva good job singing “Jesus Christ Superstar” and gets booted from “American Idol.” Meanwhile, Jason Castro butchers “Memory” and remains on the show. There is no justice in the world.

It’s a shame that Smithson is gone. I liked her voice. I liked her charming Irish accent. I even got to tolerate her tattooed arms and her freak of a husband. But its not surprising that she didn’t become the next Idol. Even though the show’s stylists softened her look, Smithson isn’t the sweet girl next door. She is the girl who looks like she can drink most people under the table.

Eventually, Smithson will thank the show’s voters for showing her the door. Most almost Idols seem to have better careers than the people who win the contest. I guess it’s because the expectations of them aren’t as great.


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Kristy Lee Cook is gone as Brooke White survives

Kristy Lee Cook got the hook tonight from “American Idol”, proving that occasionally the show is about talent. If Brooke White had been axed, I would have thrown something squishy at my TV.

To be sure, Cook has a decent voice but she isn’t in the same league as White or Syesha Mercado or Carly Smithson for that matter.  Amanda Overmyer, the rock-n-roll nurse, had more personality than any of the contestants that are left in the show.

Cook managed to do some decent performances. She survived being in the bottom three countless times and a disastrous performance on Beatles theme night. Being a pretty all-American blond has its perks.

The show. now, is starting to get interesting.

Syesha Mercado is hanging in there despite getting lukewarm praise from the judges. Carly Smithson has softened her biker babe look. The tattoos and the foreign accent are two strikes against her. Brooke White, though outshines them all. I am expecting her and David Archuleta to be the final two left in the competition.

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Michael Johns never lived up to his potential

When I first saw Michael Johns, I thought I was looking at the next American Idol.

He had charisma, charm and an Australian accent that turns women including my wife weak in the knees.  Week after week,though, Johns gave performances that were lacking any connection with the audience. He turned into a boring pretty boy with nothing to say.

There are tens of thousands of guys like Johns in bar bands across America. They spend their lives toiling in obscurity, hoping for a shot half as good as the one given to the Aussie heartthrob. He blew his chances in a big way. In 2010, Johns will be opening up for Taylor Hicks on the Idol has-been tour.

His departure on tonight’s show was deserved.

Jason Castro is now a marked man.


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Chikezie Ezie gets booted off “American Idol”

America made the right call tonight in bouncing Chikezie from “American Idol.”

He was among the weaker competitors and lacked the charisma to be the next Idol.  Jason Castro should count his lucky dreads that it wasn’t him being sent home.  I am surprised that Ramiele Malubay has managed to hang on even though her performances have been mediocre at best. Kristy Lee Cook is another weak competitor, but she also is a hot blond which is helping her remain an Idol longer than she would have otherwise.

Brooke White remains the one to beat. I lost a lot of respect for David Cook after it was revealed that he has been copying  his arrangements.  Michael Johns and David Archuleta will likely be the the finalist for the men.


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