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David Cook will win “American Idol”

David Cook has got the smug attitude of a rock star, the purposely messed-up hair style of a rock star and the overpriced wardrobe of a rock star.  After tonight’s “American Idol”, odds are good that he will be able to live out his rock-n-roll fantasy.

Cook outperformed his rivals David Archuletta and Syesha Mercado.  He even made Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” memorable. I had expected the other David to win, but he has sputtered over the past few weeks.

I wonder if the producers were trying to get rid of Archuletta and his allegedly pushy father by making him sing a song Dan Fogelberg.  Does anyone under the age of 50 listen to Fogelberg? Why is the 17-year-old so eager to be an easy listening superstar?

Mercado forgot that she was in a pop music competition when she picked Peggy Lee’s 1958 classic “Fever.” Worse, she vamped it up like a drag queen complete with a chair prop. She should stick with Broadway.

Next week will be the battle of the Davids. Unfortunately for Archuletta, this fight between a boy and man will not be close.



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Jason Castro must go now from “American Idol”

When are “American Idol”voters going to wake up, smell the coffee and get rid of the marginally talented Jason Castro?

Sometimes Castro is charming. More often than not, though, his dreadlocks seem to be wound too tight. He has turned in some godawful performances such as tonight’s butchering of the Neil Diamond classic “Sweet Caroline.” For the past few weeks, Castro has performed with the grace of a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming pick-up trucks.

My pick to win the show David Archuleta has floundered of late as well. Maybe the pressure is getting too much for the 17-year-old to handle.   Brooke White, my second-favorite contestant, has been uneven as well.  America’s girl next door has been acting goofy at times though I enjoyed her performances of “Love on the Rocks” and “Play Me.”

David Cook continues to successfully sing other people’s arrangements. Syesha Mercado seems more at home on the Broadway stage than the the pop charts. She may wind up in the bottom three along with Castro and White.

By the way, what was Paula Abdul smoking when she criticized someone for singing a song that hadn’t been sung yet?  I guess it’s surprising when she is coherent.

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Jason Castro surprisingly “inspired” Idol performance

Jason Castro, the dreaded freak, surprised me tonight on “American Idol.”

His version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” was enjoyable, the best performance of the night. Brooke White’s “You’ve Got a Friend” wasn’t bad as was David Archuleta. The rest of them were pretty forgettable.

As of now, the bottom three are Kristy Lee Cook, Carly Smithson and Syesha Mercado. David Cook didn’t look too hot either.

It’s a pity that the inspirational show was anything but.

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Hillary Clinton lies about being under fire in Bosnia

When politicians lie, they better make it good. Hillary Clinton seems to have forgotten that adage as she repeatedly exaggerated her foreign policy credentials, including being “under fire” during a trip to Bosnia. I find this fib unfathomable.

First of all, her whole life as first lady was videotaped. People saw her comings and goings as did the press. Didn’t she realize that someone would eventually remember the Bosnia trip? What took the press so long to check their archives to check that the story was untrue?

It’s sad that the New York senator and her advisers are exaggerating her accomplishments which are pretty impressive.


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American Idol milk The Beatles again

Sometimes, too much of a good thing isn’t good. Tonight’s second Beatles theme night on “American Idol” is a case in point. Maybe the show’s producers are running out of ideas. Maybe the Beatles were getting some sort of divine payback for all of that sex and drugs. Maybe Michael Jackson needed the money.

Whatever the reasons, the results were mostly forgettable.

Amanda Overmyer did a decent version of “Back in the USSR.” She has the right attitude and shouldn’t sing “boring” ballads even if Simon Cowell thinks she should. Kristy Lee Cook, who apparently never heard of the band, had her best performance with “You Can’t Hide Your Love Away” though she still sounded like a robot. She deserves to be booted as soon as possible. David Archuleta did a great job with “Long and Winding Road”, rebounding from last week’s disaster. Michael Johns, the best looking guy on the show, did a mediocre condensed version of “A Day in the Life.” He’s been sputtering for weeks and may be on the way out. Brooke White is by far the most talented contest. She did a great version of “Here comes the sun.” I totally disagree with the judges who hated it. She should have stuck up for herself. David Cook scored with an inventive arrangement of “Daytripper.” He is starting to grow on me and could go far in the competition. I didn’t see the smugness that Simon mentioned.  Carly Smithson’s performance of “Blackbird” was my favorite of the night. I didn’t get how Simon considered it indulgent. Jason Castro did okay with “Michelle” and Syesha Mercado did a pretty good version of “Yesterday.” Chikezie did a great job last week. He tried to do the same country approach with “I’ve just seen a face” and fell flat. Ramiele Malubay ended the show with a cabaret-like performance of “I should  have known better.” She’s another one who should be voted off the show.

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Brooke White’s “Let it Be” steals show on “American Idol.”

Brooke White struck gold again. On tonight’s Beatles-themed “American Idol” program, the barefoot girl next door managed to bring a freshness and honesty to “Let it Be”, one of the most covered pop songs in history, that showed why she is the contest to beat in this season’s competition.

My wife asked me whether she really is that sweet. I think White is the real deal or one of the best actresses this side of Meryl Streep. Carly Smithson did a nice version of “Come Together” which should let her stay around the competition. It wasn’t in the same league as White’s.  David Archuleta, who has lead the guys so far, who did a funky of “We can work it out” which I liked better than the judges. He is so likeable that I bet that America will forgive his misstep.

My fears that tonight’s show would cause the ghosts of John Lennon and George Harrison to unleash their vengeance on the mortal world were misplaced for the most part.

Chikezie’s version of “She’s a Woman” was one of the most creative arrangements on “American Idol” I can remember. Unfortunately, he lacks the charisma to last much longer in the competition. He said he was surprised that the dreadful Danny Noriega was voted off and not him.  I liked Amanda Overmyer’s rocked-out version of “You Can’t Do That” because for once she seemed liked she was having fun. Michael Johns, who has been disappointing lately, did a pretty good version of “Across the Universe.” He better start taking some risks or else his days may be numbered. Syesha Mercado was okay as was David Cook.

David Hernandez, who didn’t mention his gig as a nude dancer in the biographical video, did a version of “I saw her standing there” that would have been booed on most cruise ships.  This guy even took a class on the Beatles.  He may be in danger of getting booted.

Also in danger of being sent packing is the Philipina Pixie Ramiele Malubay bored the audience to tears with her version of “In My Life.”  Kristy Lee Cook may get bounced for her horrendous rendition of “Eight Days a Week” which Simon Cowell  accurately described as being like “Dolly Parton on helium.”

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Will Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama join forces?

from TVCrazy.netfrom TVCrazy.netHillary Clinton has been coyly hinting that she might be interested in joining forces with Barack Obama, proving that she knows which way the wind blows.
The former first lady has been gaining ground since winning the closely watched contests in Texas and Ohio. She is in good shape to win the next big battleground in Pennsylvania where the state’s Gov. Ed Rendell and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter are supporting her. A poll from  bears this out.
The survey found that Clinton has erased the once-commanding lead that Obama held in most national polls following his 11 straight victories in February’s primaries and caucuses. Obama is the favored nominee among 45 percent of Democrats, compared with 44 percent for Clinton, according to the poll, which was based on telephone interviews with 1,215 registered voters March 5-6.

Of course, polls aren’t worth much a bucket of warm spit in this election. Time and time again, they’ve shown that people either lie to pollsters or that the survey takers ask the wrong questions at the wrong time.  People seem to like both Clinton and Obama for different reasons at different times. That sort of changing feeling is difficult to measure.

Democrats are deeply divided. Republicans are divided too but they have managed to coalesce around John McCain. But continuing to battle one another, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama only benefit the Republicans. It’s time for them to put their egos in neutral and do what’s best for the party and join forces.


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