Michael Johns never lived up to his potential

When I first saw Michael Johns, I thought I was looking at the next American Idol.

He had charisma, charm and an Australian accent that turns women including my wife weak in the knees.  Week after week,though, Johns gave performances that were lacking any connection with the audience. He turned into a boring pretty boy with nothing to say.

There are tens of thousands of guys like Johns in bar bands across America. They spend their lives toiling in obscurity, hoping for a shot half as good as the one given to the Aussie heartthrob. He blew his chances in a big way. In 2010, Johns will be opening up for Taylor Hicks on the Idol has-been tour.

His departure on tonight’s show was deserved.

Jason Castro is now a marked man.



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6 responses to “Michael Johns never lived up to his potential

  1. Mac

    Taylor Hicks has been tour? The dude made 4 million dollars last year headlining his own national tour. Wake up dude.

  2. Mery

    It was not deserved and you are an asshole.

  3. Mery

    Haha…of course you comments require approval. Coward! And yes, I’m using a fake email!

  4. Cheryl


  5. hicksfan7

    Michael Johns will have to “open” for someone else on that Idol Has-Been tour! Taylor is not and never WILL BE a “has been” – Hicks is a Here & Now & future star!

  6. Georgie Girl

    Idiot – I see you used Taylor Hicks name just to get hits on your assinine so-called blog.

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