Chikezie Ezie gets booted off “American Idol”

America made the right call tonight in bouncing Chikezie from “American Idol.”

He was among the weaker competitors and lacked the charisma to be the next Idol.  Jason Castro should count his lucky dreads that it wasn’t him being sent home.  I am surprised that Ramiele Malubay has managed to hang on even though her performances have been mediocre at best. Kristy Lee Cook is another weak competitor, but she also is a hot blond which is helping her remain an Idol longer than she would have otherwise.

Brooke White remains the one to beat. I lost a lot of respect for David Cook after it was revealed that he has been copying  his arrangements.  Michael Johns and David Archuleta will likely be the the finalist for the men.



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2 responses to “Chikezie Ezie gets booted off “American Idol”

  1. I’ll just point out, though, that all of his “copied” arrangements have been declared as such beforehand by Ryan Seacrest.

  2. Yeah, I’m sorry for that. He really has a great voice!

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