Brooke White’s yet again steals show on “American Idol.”

If stealing a show were a crime, Brooke White would have been hauled off the “American Idol” stage in handcuffs long ago. Her performance of “Every Breath You Take” was the best on tonight’s show. She is my choice to win the competition.

David Archuleta, Michael Johns, Carly Smithson and Syesha Mercado may pull off an upset. Jason Castro, Ramielle Malubay, and Chikezie should be voted off. Kristy Lee Cook should have been voted off weeks ago. Amanda Overmyer was far more deserving. I can take or leave David Cook.

Tonight, though, Cook gave a stunning performance of “Billy Jean.” He can give White a serious run for her money.


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One response to “Brooke White’s yet again steals show on “American Idol.”

  1. This was a great night for Brooke, but like Simon and Randy i would have liked it better without the band joining in. It was a great one and since I am all for keeping the pretty blondes in I am happy both her and Kristy had good nights.

    No matter what happens to Brooke though, I think she will have a big success in the indie music scene. She may not be idol material, but she is indie gold.

    Cook was fantastic tonight and I hadn’t liked him at all until this point. I am hoping he doesn’t win, because I want him to have more freedom in the album he makes rather than being forced into a an idol album mold which will be over produced and shoved down our throats through our ears for 8 months after it comes out. I want him to be the kind of rocker, we have been missing for too long. Doing Billie Jean acoustically was as original and daring as when Tesla came out with Five Man Acoustical Jam, it was also better done than any track on that album too.

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