Amanda Overmyer unfortunately gets booted from “American Idol”

The rock-n-roll nurse is gone. America booted Amanda Overmyer and kept the talentless but hot Kristy Lee Cook on tonight’s “American Idol.” Where is the justice?

Still, the bottom three wasn’t a surprise. Rock chicks Overmyer and Carly Smithson are too hard-edged to be the next American  Idol talented as they may be.  The voters are looking for the girl next door — Brooke White —   not a girl who can drink them under the table. or beat them in arm wrestling

Tonight’s show was tortuous.  Idiotic phone calls, Idol Gives Back and Kellie Pickler padded the show out so it could stretch out 10 minutes of original content into a half hour.



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3 responses to “Amanda Overmyer unfortunately gets booted from “American Idol”

  1. Kate

    That was a shocker! Amanda is very unique and will be missed. A group card has been started for Amanda. Stop by and leave her a personal message…

  2. mike

    no sense watching the show anymore, the only hope of anyone turning out an original performance has been thrown away.

  3. did voters make a mistake letting Amanda go home ? i think so.

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