American Idol milk The Beatles again

Sometimes, too much of a good thing isn’t good. Tonight’s second Beatles theme night on “American Idol” is a case in point. Maybe the show’s producers are running out of ideas. Maybe the Beatles were getting some sort of divine payback for all of that sex and drugs. Maybe Michael Jackson needed the money.

Whatever the reasons, the results were mostly forgettable.

Amanda Overmyer did a decent version of “Back in the USSR.” She has the right attitude and shouldn’t sing “boring” ballads even if Simon Cowell thinks she should. Kristy Lee Cook, who apparently never heard of the band, had her best performance with “You Can’t Hide Your Love Away” though she still sounded like a robot. She deserves to be booted as soon as possible. David Archuleta did a great job with “Long and Winding Road”, rebounding from last week’s disaster. Michael Johns, the best looking guy on the show, did a mediocre condensed version of “A Day in the Life.” He’s been sputtering for weeks and may be on the way out. Brooke White is by far the most talented contest. She did a great version of “Here comes the sun.” I totally disagree with the judges who hated it. She should have stuck up for herself. David Cook scored with an inventive arrangement of “Daytripper.” He is starting to grow on me and could go far in the competition. I didn’t see the smugness that Simon mentioned.  Carly Smithson’s performance of “Blackbird” was my favorite of the night. I didn’t get how Simon considered it indulgent. Jason Castro did okay with “Michelle” and Syesha Mercado did a pretty good version of “Yesterday.” Chikezie did a great job last week. He tried to do the same country approach with “I’ve just seen a face” and fell flat. Ramiele Malubay ended the show with a cabaret-like performance of “I should  have known better.” She’s another one who should be voted off the show.


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