Brooke White’s “Let it Be” steals show on “American Idol.”

Brooke White struck gold again. On tonight’s Beatles-themed “American Idol” program, the barefoot girl next door managed to bring a freshness and honesty to “Let it Be”, one of the most covered pop songs in history, that showed why she is the contest to beat in this season’s competition.

My wife asked me whether she really is that sweet. I think White is the real deal or one of the best actresses this side of Meryl Streep. Carly Smithson did a nice version of “Come Together” which should let her stay around the competition. It wasn’t in the same league as White’s.  David Archuleta, who has lead the guys so far, who did a funky of “We can work it out” which I liked better than the judges. He is so likeable that I bet that America will forgive his misstep.

My fears that tonight’s show would cause the ghosts of John Lennon and George Harrison to unleash their vengeance on the mortal world were misplaced for the most part.

Chikezie’s version of “She’s a Woman” was one of the most creative arrangements on “American Idol” I can remember. Unfortunately, he lacks the charisma to last much longer in the competition. He said he was surprised that the dreadful Danny Noriega was voted off and not him.  I liked Amanda Overmyer’s rocked-out version of “You Can’t Do That” because for once she seemed liked she was having fun. Michael Johns, who has been disappointing lately, did a pretty good version of “Across the Universe.” He better start taking some risks or else his days may be numbered. Syesha Mercado was okay as was David Cook.

David Hernandez, who didn’t mention his gig as a nude dancer in the biographical video, did a version of “I saw her standing there” that would have been booed on most cruise ships.  This guy even took a class on the Beatles.  He may be in danger of getting booted.

Also in danger of being sent packing is the Philipina Pixie Ramiele Malubay bored the audience to tears with her version of “In My Life.”  Kristy Lee Cook may get bounced for her horrendous rendition of “Eight Days a Week” which Simon Cowell  accurately described as being like “Dolly Parton on helium.”


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One response to “Brooke White’s “Let it Be” steals show on “American Idol.”

  1. thegirlfromtheghetto

    I agree pretty much with your summary of tonight, although Carly was my favorite…

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