Hillary Clinton wins Ohio, Rhode Island, hangs on in Texas

Hillary Clinton’s campaign isn’t over yet. She won the primaries in Ohio and Rhode Island. Texas remains too close to call.
Many pundits, including me, considered the New York senator’s campaign to be on life support. She will live to fight another day.

“A victory in Texas or Ohio would offer a hefty trove of delegates and a crucial psychological boost for Mrs. Clinton’s campaign, which has struggled to regroup from Mr. Obama’s recent spate of victories,” according to The New York Times.

Maybe her recent appearances on “Saturday Night Live” and “The Daily Show” helped make the New York senator more human. Regardless, the math doesn’t work well in her favor. As Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter notes, she could win the next 16 contests and still trail Obama in pledged delegates.

The race’s next big battleground is my home state of Pennsylvania where Gov. Ed Rendell is a big Clinton supporter as is Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter. Still it ain’t over till the fat lady in Texas sings.


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