Barack Obama trumps Hillary Clinton’s fundraising news

Leave it to Barack Obama to rain on Hillary Clinton’s parade.

The New York senator’s faltering campaign thought it would get some positive press when it “announced one of the best fundraising months of American political history, and the best of her campaign,” according to Politico. While the $35 million figure is indeed impressive, it pales in comparison with the more than $50 million that Obama reportedly raised.

Clinton is even trying to spin the fact the she had to lend her campaign $5 million of her own money.

From the Wall Street Journal:

“When people found out that we didn’t have the resources to compete, and I did put my own money in, it just set off a chain reaction across the country. Hundreds of thousands of people saying, ‘Wait a minute, we want this campaign to go on,'” Sen. Clinton said.

The 200,000 new donors in February is “nothing short of astounding,” said the campaign’s Internet chief, Peter Daou, on a conference call with the Sen. Clinton’s fund-raisers in which journalists were allowed to listen in but not to ask questions.

Imagine if Obama and Clinton joined forces.  These fund-raising figures would seem like chicken feed.  I don’t see how John McCain could compete.



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2 responses to “Barack Obama trumps Hillary Clinton’s fundraising news

  1. They will join forces, and whoever wins the nomination will beat McCain, but it’ll be closer than some people think.

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