Mike Bloomberg isn’t running for president

via Mikebloomberg.comvia Mikebloomberg.comNew York Mayor Mike Bloomberg has coyly hinted for months that he was considering running for president. The press took him seriously and followed him around the country like a bunch of puppies. I knew that it was all an act and today my hunch was proven right. Bloomberg officially told The New York Times that he wasn’t running.

Even with his billions, Bloomberg would have faced an uphill battle. I also think the American public wouldn’t have liked his sometimes mercurial temper. Moreover, he just too smart to want the job.

From The New York Times:

Over the past year, I have been working to raise issues that are important to New Yorkers and all Americans — and to speak plainly about common sense solutions. Some of these solutions have traditionally been seen as Republican, while others have been seen as Democratic. As a businessman, I never believed that either party had all the answers and, as mayor, I have seen just how true that is.

More of the same won’t do, on the economy or any other issue. We need innovative ideas, bold action and courageous leadership. That’s not just empty rhetoric, and the idea that we have the ability to solve our toughest problems isn’t some pie-in-the-sky dream. In New York, working with leaders from both parties and mayors and governors from across the country, we’ve demonstrated that an independent approach really can produce progress on the most critical issues, including the economy, education, the environment, energy, infrastructure and crime.

I believe that an independent approach to these issues is essential to governing our nation — and that an independent can win the presidency. I listened carefully to those who encouraged me to run, but I am not — and will not be — a candidate for president. I have watched this campaign unfold, and I am hopeful that the current campaigns can rise to the challenge by offering truly independent leadership. The most productive role that I can serve is to push them forward, by using the means at my disposal to promote a real and honest debate

Bloomberg may run for president eventually. It’s unlikely that he will return to the company he founded Bloomberg LP. after he leaves the mayor’s office. My guess is that he will throw his support to Barack Obama who I’m sure would appoint him to a cabinet position such as Treasury Secretary.


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