David Archuleta vaults ahead of American Idol guys

David Archuleta’s haunting rendition of John Lennon’s “Imagine” was one of the best performances in the history of “American Idol.”

I can’t believe that a voice like that can come from a 17-year-old who probably doesn’t even shave yet. The performance stood head and shoulders above his incredibly mediocre competition tonight. There were a few exceptions. Chikezie’s performance of was good. (I didn’t recognize the tune). David Hernandez’s “Papa Was a Rolling Stone” wasn’t bad either as was David Cook’s version of “All Right Now” was pretty good too.

Jason Yeager was dreadful and Danny Noriega was only slightly less annoying than the week before. Michael Johns was a huge disappointment. The Aussie heartthrob’s take on “Go Your Own Way” was horrendous. I have heard wedding bands do it better. What happened to the guy who electrified the audience last week? Maybe my initial enthusiasm for him was wrong. He better make a return appearance quickly.

The night belonged to the native of Murray, Utah. It’s unbelievable that he overcame vocal paralysis. No matter what happens in this silly competition, Archuleta is destined for bigger and better things.



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2 responses to “David Archuleta vaults ahead of American Idol guys

  1. Call Me

    His vocal was haunting and filled with understanding and deep emotion. Simply amazing.

  2. Jim VanDerWerff

    AI might as well close the men’s competition. David is definately destined for super stardom as Paula said. I feel sorry for the other contestants. I’ll only tune in to the final episodes to see David sing. Sorry.

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