Barack Obama holds off Hillary Clinton in latest debate

tsevis (via Flickr)tsevis (via Flickr) Throughout the campaign, Barack Obama has proved to be a far more likable candidate than Hillary Clinton. Tonight’s debate was no exception.

The Illinois senator sounded calm, poised and most importantly presidential. Obama didn’t fall into any of Clinton’s rhetorical traps such as when she criticized him for only “renouncing” and not “rejecting” the support of the odious Louis Farrakhan. He skillfully diffused her by agreeing to “renounce” and “reject” Farrakhan.

For her part, Clinton sounded evasive when she was asked why she hadn’t released her tax records or her schedule from her years as first lady. She sounded whiny when she complained about getting the first question in debates. Obama was gracious and Clinton sounded scripted.

Clinton wasn’t awful but she needed to score touchdowns in the 10th debate with Obama which she didn’t do. Unless the New York senator scores a huge double-digit victories in Ohio and Texas, which polls indicate won’t happen, the contest for the Democratic presidential nomination will be over.


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