The Rock and Roll nurse escapes The American Idol axe

Via Amandaovermyer.comVia Amandaovermyer.comAmanda Overmyer, the Rock `N’ Roll nurse, escaped from being eliminated prematurely from American Idol. Thank goodness she’s living to fight another week against this season’s crop of inferior contestants.

Granted Overmyer has little chance of winning because she isn’t perky like Kelly Clarkson or blonde like Carrie Underwood. It’s a pity since America needs an American Idol who can kick ass and take names. In other good news, the horrid Colton Berry was sent packing. Simon Cowell was against him going to Hollywood and in hindsight, he was of course right. Kyle Ensley, the curly-haired guy from Oklahoma who my wife says is adorable, would have been the better choice. Too bad the awful Danny Noriega is set to pollute the airwaves again next week.

If the show’s producers really cared about the fans, they would get rid of those awful group songs that remind me of really bad cruise ship entertainment. I shudder to think what number is going to be butchered next week.



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2 responses to “The Rock and Roll nurse escapes The American Idol axe

  1. Amanda’s OK, but she’s a one-trick pony. That, and not her biker-chick looks, will eventually get her bounced. If she can show she has more than a Joplin imitation, she’ll have a tiny chance, but Syesha, Asia’h and a couple of the others seem to have her out-gunned. It is NOT a weak field.

  2. I wouldn’t mind seeing Amanda win either but I think Jack has a good point. I too am glad too to see Colton go, he is horrible. Next to go MUST be Danny.

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