Hillary Clinton again fails to inspire

LLIMA (Via Flickr)LLIMA (Via Flickr)Hillary Clinton has tried being nasty to Barack Obama and that didn’t work. She tried the nice approach at tonight’s debate on CNN and that didn’t work either.

The New York senator still seems annoyed that she has to sell herself to the American people. She seems annoyed that the she hasn’t been crowned queen of the Democratic party. Clearly, she didn’t expect a serious challenge for the nomination let alone from a rival who until about a year ago few people outside of Illinois had even heard of. Instead, her campaign is going down the drain.

As Chris Cilliza of The Washington Post’s Fix Blog noted, “Tonight’s debate was the first of two such gatherings before the critical Ohio-Texas primaries on March 4. Clinton’s campaign has all-but-admitted that she must win both contests in order to remain a viable contender in the race and has pushed repeatedly for more debates between the two candidates — convinced that head-to-head matchups benefit the former first lady.”

The aides are wrong. Obama is improving as a debator and is coming across more and more presidential.


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One response to “Hillary Clinton again fails to inspire

  1. KRoss

    Why don’t you give it up. Hillary is out of the race. But we have a bigger problem here…don’t we. Oh Yes! The DNC has turned Hillary Clinton supporters in a variety of directions. You’ve got the “I Will Not Vote Again”, you’ve got the “I Will Vote For McCain”. and you’ve got the “I’ll do whatever Hillary says to do” It’s all understandable. You can blame this on the DNC. It’s not about winning or losing…it’s about HOW the winning or losing took place. Every American sat and watched the corruption of the Democratic National Committee. They watched their votes being tampered with, cut in half, given to the opponent. For some unknown reason, the voters of this country are looked at as stupid. Oh how wrong that is. If I would have read in the paper or heard on the news that my vote was cut in half…I wouldn’t have believed it. It would just be a rumor to me. The news, they lie all the time. They just want you to believe whatever. But, I saw it with my own eyes and I heard it with my own ears. WOW! I will never vote again. Would you, if you thought your vote would be cut in half or given to a Republican. NO THANKS! Another reality check:

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