Barack Obama cuts the cheese in Wisconsin; Hillary Clinton melting away

Refracted Moments (via Flickr)Refracted Moments (via Flickr)Now that Barack Obama has won the Wisconsin primary, the question isn’t whether Hillary Clinton will withdraw from the race but how and when.

The victory is remarkable for many reasons. For one thing, as The New York Times noted: “Freezing conditions did not stop thousands of Wisconsin residents from voting in the presidential primaries, and the votes were just beginning to be counted.” The state also supposedly had many blue-collar workers who were supposedly Clinton supporters. Moreover, lots of white voters who were supposedly reluctant to vote for an African American candidate seemed to have gotten over their hang-ups. Early returns showed Obama with a double-digit lead over Clinton. His momentum is almost unstoppable.

On the Republican side, John McCain easily beat back a challenge from Mike Huckabee. A McCain-Obama contest will offer voters the biggest age gap in the history of presidential elections. The race is about to get even more interesting.


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One response to “Barack Obama cuts the cheese in Wisconsin; Hillary Clinton melting away

  1. artier

    Hillary has proven her shameful character with her bid for the presidency. CLINTON WAS IMPEACHED!!!

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