Kissing up to John Edwards

How to kiss by violet blue (via Flickr) (via Flickr)John Edwards must feel like a pretty girl at a bar filled with sailors. Everyone says they like you for your charming personality but their ulterior motives are pretty obvious.

Barack Obama traveled to North Carolina to meet with the former North Carolina senator. Hillary Clinton has already paid her respects. From the New York Times:

Associates of Mr. Edwards have said that Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has paid more attention to the courtship of Mr. Edwards. She held a private meeting with him in North Carolina more than a week ago and associates of both Democrats said it appeared as though Mr. Edwards was leaning to Mrs. Clinton. But Mr. Obama’s commanding victories in Virginia and Maryland last week, in addition to a string of primaries and caucuses one week earlier, may have changed the equation.

So, what’s Edwards going to get in return for his endorsement? A prime time speech at the convention? A cabinet position? The possibilities are mind-boggling,


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